Summer Evenings at the Ancient Hall. Photo by Svetlana Moursy.

Summer Evenings at the Ancient Hall Arkhangelskoye. Photo by Svetlana Moursy. Wonderful Park, an exquisite architecture and luxury halls interiors of the Arkhangelskoye, called “a Near Moscow Versailles”, concur the residence of French kings. Music sounds differently here…These statues and paintings keep in memory uproarious court masquerades, concerts of the first Russian performances of Mozart’s and Haydn’s works, sounds of steps and laugh of the Odoyevsky and the Golitsyn families, Pushkin, Vyazemsky, Herzen, Ogarev, Serov, Benois and Stravinsky, and the Emperors’ pace of all the Rulers of Russia starting with the Emperor Alexander I. The third summer concert season of the Ensemble of MSSO’ Soloists hadRead More →

Non-Standard Video for Helikon-Opera Atrium

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ Groza Music Studio has produced a non-standard vertical HD video for inner windows inside the atrium of the Helikon-Opera theater  especially for the founder and director of «U Nikitskih Vorot» theater  Mark Rozovskiy Anniversary party. Our congrats and best wishes  for Mark Rozovskiy! Нестандартное вертикальное видео в атриуме «Геликон-оперы»Read More →

2017. St. Paulus Oratorio by Pavel Kogan and the MSSO. Photo by Svetlana Moursy

Felix Mendellsohn’s St.Paulus Oratorio by Pavel Kogan and the MSSO at the Large Hall of the Moscow Conservatory . Photo by Svetlana MoursyRead More →

Igor Sarukhanov - Woman in Love

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ Igor Sarukhanov’s video «A Woman in Love» produced by Groza Music Studio was on air on OTR TV Channel, Russia. Now it’s leading on official Sarukhanov’s Youtube TV Channel . Видео «Женщина в любви» в эфире телеканала ОТРRead More →

London Triangle Trailer

«London Triangle»  theater production directed by Dmitry Astrakhan trailer for The School of Modern Drama Theater. Alexander Gordon starring as  Alexander Herzen,   Aleksandr Galibin starring as Nikolay Ogarev,  Julietta Hering starring  as Nataly. Trailer shot and produced by Svetlana Moursy at Groza Music Studio.Read More →